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Datalog contains public domain information. We receive lots of requests like "I don't want my personal details published etc" or "Where did you get this data about my company". All the information on Datalog is in the public domain. We are not the primary source. See our copyright and terms & conditions page for more details.

We collect public domain data from thousands of different sources which usually have a legal requirement to make the information publicly accessible. If you want the information to be private you will have to take the issue up with the primary source of the information. For example in the UK details of companies are on the public registar. You cannot opt out. If you don't want the information to be public then don't set up a limited company. Similarly information about directors is in the public domain. If you contact us regarding issues like this - sorry we can't help.

Please do not contact us requesting your details be removed. We do not need your consent to publish the information. For the UK, the information we use is usually Crown Copyright, released to us under the Open Government Licence. The licence grants us the right to publish, distribute, modify and use the information which is Crown Copyright. The UK Government has granted us the right to use the information so we don't need your consent to publish your information.

We also get lots of legal threats and solicitor letters - not a single threat has resulted in an entry being removed from Datalog. This action simply confirms to us that we are doing something right - for a company to make these requests, they must have something they want to hide and Datalog is a powerful tool to expose rogue companies.

Occassionally there are genuine requests. For example a company provided social care for victims of violence. They were unaware that sensitive data was in the public domain. Although we cannot change public domain information, we are happy to provide guidance on how to go about controlling or modifying information which is in the public domain which should be redacted.

Apologies if this sounds a bit blunt and rude but dealing with these requests wastes our time which we could be spending on finding more valuable information about what companies are up to.

Remember we don't just have information about your company - we have information about your competitors, suppliers and customers.

We do however want to hear from you for the following:

  • You've found a mistake
  • You are a sole trader and we have you listed as a limited company
  • The data is significantly out-of-date (if you've changed registered office or something like that in the last 45 days our system will update the data automatically - there's no need to notify us)
  • You have ideas for new features/services
  • You want to give us feedback

We collect data from a wide range of governmental and public institution sources. Our database has hundreds of millions of records which we correlate. Mistakes do happen for example a government organisation might use an old company name (or mispelt company name) in their records and subsequently a new company has been formed using the old company name - we will match these records because the primary source is wrong. Some large corporates are a complicated mesh of companies with similar names - the primary source may be confused about which company they are dealing with and similarly we may be confused as well. We do run extensive checks to prevent this but nethertheless we can still get things wrong - we want to hear about these issues as we want the data to be correct. We are constantly automatically updating data - if the data is out of date we will update it - it is a huge task to update millions of records each month. However if the information listed simply doesn't relate to a company then we want to know.

My address is out-of-date - if you have changed you address and your company in based iun the UK or Ireland, there is no need to tell us. We automatically update the data. If however the data is >40 days old please let us know.

If you want to give us feedback then feel free to direct message us via twitter or email.

Click here if you've read this and accept our terms and still want to contact us

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