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Datalog contains public domain information. We receive lots of requests like "I don't want my company information published etc" or "Where did you get this data about my company". All the information on Datalog is in the public domain. We are not the primary source. In most jurisdictions around the world there is a legal requirement for certain information about companies to be public. Corporate transparency is a foundation of modern society.

The reason information is in the public domain is to ensure there is transparency allowing rogue companies to be identified and brought to justice. These transparency laws have been introduced often hundresds of years ago in response to fraudulent companies. For example take a look at the East India Company back in the 1600s.

Establishing credibility of companies is a powerful tool. Ask yourself "Would you send a large sum of money to a company in a country where you cannot establish the credibility of the company you are sending the money to?"

We believe in transparency. There are commercial services available to obtain similar information to Datalog but these typically charge £ 20+ per report - we provide this for free. Because of this we also get lots of nice emails thanking us for helping deal with rogue companies. For example one person was deliberately exposed to asbestos and the company director dissolved the company to "limit liability" and hide. This is illegal and we helped to bring justice.

We also get requests from people who believe information is personal. Companies are separate legal entities - they are not people however some people are confused by this and see information about the company as personal information about them. This is not the case. Companies cannot have personal information and if you sell the company then the information ceases have any associaton with you - it transfers with the company.

Anyway please don't waste our time contacting us asking us to remove information which is legally required to be in the public domain.

See our copyright and terms & conditions page for more details.

The information we publish is usually licened to us under the Open Government Licence. This grants us the right to publish the information on commercial basis. We do not charge for the information and so we use advertising to help cover costs enabling this service to be provided for free.

We do however want to hear from you for the following:

  • You've found a mistake
  • You are a sole trader and we have you listed as a limited company
  • The data is significantly out-of-date (if you've changed registered office or something like that in the last 45 days our system will update the data automatically - there's no need to notify us)
  • You have ideas for new features/services
  • You want to give us feedback

We also get lots of requests asking for information to be added. We will accomodate these requests where possible eg telephone number, website etc but we cannot guarantee we will add all the information supplied.

We collect data from a wide range of governmental and public institution sources. Our database has hundreds of millions of records which we correlate. Mistakes do happen for example a government organisation might use an old company name (or mispelt company name) in their records and subsequently a new company has been formed using the old company name - we will match these records because the primary source is wrong. Some large corporates are a complicated mesh of companies with similar names - the primary source may be confused about which company they are dealing with and similarly we may be confused as well. We do run extensive checks to prevent this but nethertheless we can still get things wrong - we want to hear about these issues as we want the data to be correct. We are constantly automatically updating data - if the data is out of date we will update it - it is a huge task to update millions of records each month. However if the information listed simply doesn't relate to a company then we want to know.

My address is out-of-date - if you have changed you address and your company in based in the UK or Ireland, there is no need to tell us. We automatically update the data. If however the data is >40 days old please let us know.

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