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Old UK businesses in administration
The following UK businesses were the oldest businesses going into administration in January 2020. December 2019

The death of a company can be a sad thing. It can be a distressing time for employees facing the prospect of unemployment. Here we list the oldest companies that have gone into administration. Old companies have history and can be well established - sometimes representing well known brands. Although the company had gone into administation, it can does have to mean the death of the company. The goodwill in the brand may mean the business has some desirable assets and a new owner can invest in the business allowing the company to be re-born.

Company Name Company Formed Type Business Administration Date
G.L. JAMES, DAVIS (HOLDINGS) LIMITED 1975-01-14 68100 - Buying and selling of own real estate 2020-01-13
MAYSON BROS LIMITED 2002-07-02 41201 - Construction of commercial buildings 2020-01-22
JOHNSON BREWING DESIGN LIMITED 2010-08-25 28930 - Manufacture of machinery for food, beverage and tobacco processing 2020-01-10
H&M COMPANIES LTD 2015-05-15 47110 - Retail sale in non-specialised stores with food, beverages or tobacco predominating 2020-01-06
PPE CONSTRUCTION GROUP LIMITED 2017-04-03 43290 - Other construction installation 2020-01-09
ZOMBIE SHOWS LONDON LIMITED 2017-07-20 90010 - Performing arts 2020-01-14