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Old UK businesses in administration
The following UK businesses were the oldest businesses going into administration in November 2019. October 2019

The death of a company can be a sad thing. It can be a distressing time for employees facing the prospect of unemployment. Here we list the oldest companies that have gone into administration. Old companies have history and can be well established - sometimes representing well known brands. Although the company had gone into administation, it can does have to mean the death of the company. The goodwill in the brand may mean the business has some desirable assets and a new owner can invest in the business allowing the company to be re-born.

Company Name Company Formed Type Business Administration Date
J.B. LANGFORD & CO. LIMITED 1973-09-12 45200 - Maintenance and repair of motor vehicles 2019-11-08
MEERES CIVIL ENGINEERING LIMITED 1980-11-25 41201 - Construction of commercial buildings 2019-11-13
T R FREEMAN LIMITED 1996-08-13 43910 - Roofing activities 2019-11-13
ALLEN WILSON JOINERY LIMITED 1997-11-14 16230 - Manufacture of other builders' carpentry and joinery 2019-11-07
EGO CREATIVE LTD 2004-10-20 74909 - Other professional, scientific and technical activities n.e.c. 2019-11-13
UKLP (BRYNCEGIN) LIMITED 2004-11-18 41100 - Development of building projects 2019-11-13
INDUSTRIAL DOMESTIC ELECTRICAL SERVICES LIMITED 2009-06-29 43210 - Electrical installation 2019-11-11
AGP PLAY LTD 2017-03-16 81300 - Landscape service activities 2019-11-06
HOLLINWOOD HOMES (WREA GREEN) LIMITED 2017-07-13 41100 - Development of building projects 2019-11-06