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About Island Offshore Subsea As
ISLAND OFFSHORE SUBSEA AS was founded on 2008-09-01 and has its registered office in 4033 Stavanger. The organisation's status is listed as "Active". Island Offshore Subsea As is a Other company type registered in NORWAY with Companies House and the accounts submission requirement is categorised as TOTAL EXEMPTION SMALL
  • Annual turnover is £6.5 million or less
  • The balance sheet total is £ 3.26 million or less
  • Employs 50 or less employees
  • Company is exempt from audit
Key Data
Company Name
Legal Registered Office
Filing Information
Company Number SF001028
Company ID Number SF001028
Date formed 2008-09-01
Country NORWAY
Origin Country NORWAY
Type Other company type
CompanyStatus Active
Lastest accounts 31/12/2015
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Latest return 
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Last Datalog update: 2018-08-05 04:10:03
Primary Source:Companies House
Companies with same name ISLAND OFFSHORE SUBSEA AS
The following companies were found which have the same name as ISLAND OFFSHORE SUBSEA AS. These may be the same company in different jurisdictions
  Registered addressLast known statusFormation date
ISLAND OFFSHORE SUBSEA UK LIMITED 45 QUEENS ROAD ABERDEEN AB15 4ZN Active Company formed on the 2014-12-04


Current Directors
Officer Role Date Appointed
Director 2008-11-07
Director 2008-11-07

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Corporation Filing History
Companies House Filing History
This is a record of the public documents (corporate filing) lodged from Companies House where the company has filed annual returns and other statutory filing documents. Examples of documents filed include: change of registered office, accounts filing, director/officer appointments & resignations, changes in share capital, shareholder members lists etc.

DateDocument TypeDocument Description
2016-06-01AA31/12/15 TOTAL EXEMPTION SMALL
2015-07-01AAFULL ACCOUNTS MADE UP TO 31/12/14
2014-06-18AA31/12/13 TOTAL EXEMPTION SMALL
2013-05-13AAFULL ACCOUNTS MADE UP TO 31/12/12
2012-05-29AA31/12/11 TOTAL EXEMPTION SMALL
2011-06-29AA31/12/10 TOTAL EXEMPTION SMALL
2010-08-06AA31/12/09 TOTAL EXEMPTION SMALL
2009-06-02AA31/12/08 TOTAL EXEMPTION SMALL
2008-11-07BR1-BCHBR010222 REGISTERED
Industry Information
None Supplied

Licences & Regulatory approval
We could not find any licences issued to ISLAND OFFSHORE SUBSEA AS or authorisation from an industry specific regulator to operate. These may not be required.
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Legal Notices
No legal notices or events such as winding-up orders or proposals to strike-off have been issued
Fines / Sanctions
No fines or sanctions have been issued against ISLAND OFFSHORE SUBSEA AS
Intangible Assets
We have not found any records of ISLAND OFFSHORE SUBSEA AS registering or being granted any patents
Domain Names
We do not have the domain name information for ISLAND OFFSHORE SUBSEA AS
We have not found any records of ISLAND OFFSHORE SUBSEA AS registering or being granted any trademarks
Government Income
We have not found government income sources for ISLAND OFFSHORE SUBSEA AS. This could be because the transaction value was below £ 500 with local government or below £ 25,000 for central government. We have found 8,000 supplier to government that are UK companies so approx 0.2% of companies listed on Datalog supply to government.

The top companies supplying to UK government with the same SIC code (None Supplied) as ISLAND OFFSHORE SUBSEA AS are:

Business Rates/Property Tax
No properties were found where ISLAND OFFSHORE SUBSEA AS is liable for the business rates / property tax. This could be for a number of reasons.
  • The council hasnt published the data
  • We havent found or been able to process the councils data
  • The company is part of a group of companies and another company in the group is liable for business rates
  • The registered office may be a residential address which does not have a commercial designation. If the business is run from home then it won't be a commercial property and hence won't be liable for business rates.
  • Serviced offices are increasingly popular and therefore a business may not be paying business rates directly - the building owner is and this is incorporated in the office rental charge.
Import/Export of Goods
Goods imported/exported by ISLAND OFFSHORE SUBSEA AS
OriginDestinationDateImport CodeImported Goods classification description
2015-01-0184733080Parts and accessories of automatic data-processing machines or for other machines of heading 8471, n.e.s. (excl. electronic assemblies)
2015-01-0084733080Parts and accessories of automatic data-processing machines or for other machines of heading 8471, n.e.s. (excl. electronic assemblies)
2014-09-0173269098Articles of iron or steel, n.e.s.
2014-06-0127101983Liquids for hydraulic purposes containing by weight >= 70% of petroleum oils or of oils obtained from bituminous minerals, these oils being the basic constituents of the preparations (excl. for undergoing chemical transformation)
2014-06-0134029090Washing preparations, incl. auxiliary washing preparations and cleaning preparations (excl. those put up for retail sale, organic surface-active agents, soap and surface-active preparations and products and preparations for washing the skin in the form of liquid or cream)
2014-06-0140103900Transmission belts or belting, of vulcanised rubber (excl. endless transmission belts of trapezoidal cross-section "V-belts", V-ribbed, of an outside circumference > 60 cm but <= 240 cm and endless synchronous belts of an outside circumference > 60 cm but <= 198 cm)
2014-06-0149019900Printed books, brochures and similar printed matter (excl. those in single sheets; dictionaries, encyclopaedias, periodicals and publications which are essentially devoted to advertising)
2014-06-0173030090Tubes, pipes and hollow profiles, of cast iron (excl. products of a kind used in pressure systems)
2014-06-0173159000Parts of skid chain, stud-link chain and other chains of heading 7315 (excl. articulated link chain)
2014-06-0182057000Vices, clamps and the like (excl. accessories for and parts of machine tools)
2014-06-0184269900Ships' derricks; cranes, incl. cable cranes (excl. overhead travelling cranes, transporter cranes, gantry cranes, portal or pedestal jib cranes, bridge cranes, mobile lifting frames and straddle carriers, tower cranes, works trucks fitted with a crane, mobile cranes and cranes designed for mounting on road vehicles)
2014-06-0184818099Appliances for pipes, boiler shells, tanks, vats or the like (excl. pressure-reducing valves, valves for the control of pneumatic power transmission, check "non-return" valves, safety or relief valves, taps, cocks and valves for sinks, baths and similar fixtures, central heating radiator valves, valves for pneumatic tyres and inner-tubes, process control valves, globe valves, gate valves, ball and plug valves, butterfly valves and diaphragm valves)
2014-06-0184849000Sets or assortments of gaskets and similar joints, dissimilar in composition, put up in pouches, envelopes or similar packings
2014-06-0185256000Transmission apparatus for radio-broadcasting or television, incorporating reception apparatus
2014-06-0185353090Isolating switches and make-and-break switches, for a voltage >= 72,5 kV
2014-06-0185393190Discharge lamps, fluorescent, hot cathode (excl. with double ended cap)
2014-06-0190271090Non-electronic gas or smoke analysis apparatus
2014-04-0184122989Hydraulic power engines and motors (excl. linear acting [cylinders], hydraulic systems, hydraulic fluid power motors, hydraulic turbines and water wheels of heading 8410 and steam turbines)
2014-04-0184139100Parts of pumps for liquids, n.e.s.
2014-04-0184715000Processing units for automatic data-processing machines, whether or not containing in the same housing one or two of the following types of unit: storage units, input units, output units (excl. those of heading 8471.41 or 8471.49 and excl. peripheral units)
2014-04-0184811099Pressure-reducing valves of base metal (not combined with filters or lubricators)
2014-04-0185015399AC motors, multi-phase, of an output > 750 kW (excl. traction motors)
2014-04-0185030010Non-magnetic retaining rings for electric motors and electric generating sets
2014-03-0184714100Data-processing machines, automatic, comprising in the same housing at least a central processing unit, and one input unit and one output unit, whether or not combined (excl. portable weighing <= 10 kg and excl. those presented in the form of systems and peripheral units)
2014-03-0184733080Parts and accessories of automatic data-processing machines or for other machines of heading 8471, n.e.s. (excl. electronic assemblies)
2014-03-0190159000Parts and accessories for instruments and appliances used in geodesy, topography, photogrammetrical surveying, hydrography, oceanography, hydrology, meteorology or geophysics, and for rangefinders, n.e.s.
2014-02-0182071990Rock-drilling or earth-boring tools, interchangeable, with working parts of materials other than sintered metal carbide, cermets, diamond or agglomerated diamond
2014-02-0185059020Electromagnets; electromagnetic or permanent magnet chucks, clamps and similar holding devices
2014-02-0190268080Non-electronic instruments or apparatus for measuring or checking variables of liquids or gases, n.e.s.
2013-11-0173181510Screws of iron or steel, turned from bars, rods, profiles, or wire, of solid section, threaded, of a shank thickness of <= 6 mm
2012-05-0173269098Articles of iron or steel, n.e.s.
2012-04-0173269098Articles of iron or steel, n.e.s.
2012-04-0190159000Parts and accessories for instruments and appliances used in geodesy, topography, photogrammetrical surveying, hydrography, oceanography, hydrology, meteorology or geophysics, and for rangefinders, n.e.s.

For goods imported into the United Kingdom, only imports originating from outside the EU are shown

Government Grants / Awards
Technology Strategy Board Awards
The Technology Strategy Board has not awarded ISLAND OFFSHORE SUBSEA AS any grants or awards. Grants from the TSB are an indicator that the company is investing in new technologies or IPR
European Union CORDIS Awards
The European Union has not awarded ISLAND OFFSHORE SUBSEA AS any grants or awards.
    We could not find any group structure information
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